Model United Nations is an opportunity given to students to develop leadership, public speaking, diplomacy, and research skills in a way that no traditional class can offer. Students travel abroad to conferences made up of hundreds of attendees and represent a country assigned to them. They have to assume to role of UN representatives and try to broker solutions to international issues together. For many years IICS has sent teams abroad to various conferences.

This year IICS sent a team of four to the wonderful city of Paris:Ling Ling L., Souheil M., Hyunwoo K., and Filippo M. The conference was attended by over 800 students from schools across the continent and beyond. The trip was marked by three grueling days of negotiations taking place in the early hours of the morning all the way to six in the evening in the beautiful Maison de la Mutualité Theatre. IICS delegates represented Estonia and were split into massive committees ranging from a hundred to a hundred and fifty participants.

For three of the members this was their first conference. The team performed very well, having collectively passed a few clauses and participating animatedly in the discussions and debates of their committees.

“It’s not like any CEESA trip I’ve ever gone to,” remembers Hyunwoo, “dressing up formally every day and working in a conference rather than a competition.”

The team spent their free time experiencing Paris by metro. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and of course the Champs Elysées were a must. Every evening was set with a new French culinary experience. The IICS team also got to fully experience Paris’s famous rain and mood-swinging weather. The club hopes to send a larger team to next year’s trip!