IICS hosted the first-ever ISL Math Competition for both middle school and high school students yesterday.

Both MS and HS competitions consisted of individual and team rounds. After lunch, the top individual students competed in a head-to-head, buzzer round to determine the final ranking.

IICS students solved problems and crunched numbers like champions!

The MS team almost swept the awards in the individual competition, with Drake S. finishing in 1st place,  Yongwook J. finishing 2nd, and Sehwa J. finishing 3rd. In the team competition, the IICS team of Yongwook J., Drake S., and Byeongzu K. won 1st, while the team of Qi Zhong L. and Sehwa J. won 2nd.

From the HS team, Daniel K. narrowly missed first place, claiming the silver medal after a blistering final showdown. In the team competition, Daniel K., Yuxiao H. and Seungjun L. took 2nd place. After dominating a tie-break relay, the team of Danny J., Elizabeth K. and Ju Won O. claimed 3rd place.

All the students worked hard and should be congratulated!

Thanks to all for their support and understanding during a busy time. The math competition involves a lot of work and organization behind the scenes, so a huge thank you to Mr. Perron, Ms. Arnold and the math department for their part in making the tournament successful. Most importantly, a massive thanks is owed to Mr. Trotter, the tournament director!
tim wotherspoon