On Wednesday, November 30th, IICS welcomed Daniel Foley, a professional actor from The Performance Exchange in London, to spend the day working with Primary and Secondary students.

He began the day by leading an interactive performance in the Marmara theatre entitled “Shakespeare: Kings and Clowns”. This was a devised piece that was structured to incorporate impromptu participation from students in the audience. It included a number of speeches from–and references to– Shakespeare’s plays, and introduced a number of gesture, expression, and projection skills that participants had to employ. He followed this by giving a delightful performance to our Primary students about a dog named Big Ears, who wanted to learn how to fly.

During the rest of the day, Daniel led workshops with both the DP and MYP Drama students. The workshops were based on modern comedy, Greek theatre, masks, movement, and voice.

Overall, this was a successful and highly entertaining day for Primary and Secondary students alike, and all those involved were shown that Drama really is, SERIOUS FUN!