Last Wednesday, a group of 15 IICS parents came together for a PTA Coffee Morning listening to and discussing with our guests speakers from the Counseling & Coaching Network VIAPro as well as the IICS University Counselor, Dr. Cherie Mobasheri.

We had a lively discussion about how to (re-)find yourself, how to enter the path to a new horizon, how to create opportunities to follow your dreams, and how to start making these dreams reality.

VIAPro presented their network of professional coaches and counselors, who can help you to develop your skills and talents. Their vocation is to facilitate your adaptation in Turkey and/or the set-up of your professional projects.

Dr. Cherie Mobasheri, University Counselor at IICS, was very enthusiastic convincing us that your passion, your dream is certainly possible! Find out what your passion is and what do you need to full fill it! A diploma is not always necessary as your experience is most valuable. If you do need a degree there is a lot of (online) eductation available and you can contact Dr. Mobasheri with your questions any time.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming to our PTA Coffee Morning!

Please join the PTA for the next Coffee Morning in December. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Christa Van Berkum, PTA Coffee Mornings