MYP Media is a new course this year that allows students to explore numerous aspects of visual arts. For instance, students are currently learning the basics of photography, how to use DSLR cameras in manual mode, and the rules of composition. Their creativity has been a highlight throughout the unit on Street Photography. As a final project, the students were able to practice their skills on the streets of Istanbul. They had to act like real street photographers, overcoming their shyness of taking photos of the general public, which requires them the be social and to be good communicators (sometimes without any knowledge of Turkish at all). They also have to be able to react fast to ever changing situations on the streets to get that perfect shot.

Student feedback:
“Our first media trip was really fun! We tried to communicate with others and took a lot of candid snapshots and street photos. Since it was my first experience of taking street photos, at first I had some troubles asking for photos from the people. But then I got used to it and took some great photos!”

“The most challenging part was that taking good candid photos because people keep moving and all the angles, positions, backgrounds, lighting…must be perfect in those few moments to get the perfect photo. I was good at taking closeup photos, but candid…nah. Anyway it was a great trip and actually I want to go there once more!”

Final results of this trip you will be able to see in December at the Arts Exhibition.

All the following photos documenting the field trip were taken by students: