At the start of November, Grade 4 made their annual overnight trip to Izmir, Turkey to visit Space Camp, where they learned about what astronauts do to prepare for space missions. Space Camp Turkey has simulators to show students what it’s like to work and live in space. It takes 8 1/2 minutes to reach space, but years to prepare for a real mission. 

This was not just a “trip to space”, this was also the first time most of the students had an overnight experience away from their parents for multiple days, so it was an important independence-building event. 

Here is what some students had to say about the experience in the form of letters to Grade 3 students to let the mknow what to expect when they go on the same trip next year:

My experience in space camp probably changed my whole idea of space. Being in Space Camp helps you get to know other people in other classes, helps you work on your teamwork, like in the mission, makes you better at communication, and it gives you loads of fun. A lot of people like me are nervous about going to Space Camp because we’re not with our parents. However, I learned you could talk to your parents at night and day for 1 hour. The experience not being with my parents for 3 days gave me more courage to do that later on. Also, your friends are always helping you out. I’m not kidding.
Jake 4M

Space Camp was really good for me because it was fun and because I got to know the people in the other class better than before. I also got to learn more about about space like the forgotten astronaut and I especially didn’t know that it rained diamonds on Neptune. Space Camp made me want to be in space one day.
Anita 4M