Gather you books for the annual PTA Book Swap – a fun event, very much loved by our children and encouraging their love of reading!

Take this opportunity to refresh your personal library.  You donate your gently used books and on Swap Day and you can ‘shop’ books that are new to you. Each book donated is a token earned towards a book you can choose.

The best part of it….You can swap books in ANY LANGUAGE!

This year the Book Swap for Primary and Secondary Students happens on the same day!

Important: You NEED to turn in books to be able to swap. However, once all kids with swap tokens have finished their swapping, the remaining books will be available to buy at 2TLper book.

Here are the key dates:

  • October 31st – November 7th: Book Collection in Marmara
  • November 3rd – 10th: Book Collection in Hisar
    Bring in your gently used books and earn tokens to exchange for books at the swap!
  • November 9th: Book Swap at Marmara
  • November 11th: Book Swap at Hisar

To make this very popular event happen we need your help, prior to the event, for preparations (sorting books and setting up) as well as, on the day, for guiding the children through their book selection. For more details and sign-up see here.

Your homeroom parent will contact you soon with more details or contact Gesa Horna if you have any questions.