Thirty IICS Middle school boys represented our school in the first International Schools League tournament of the season… They did us proud and the final two games were the best they’ve played all year.

Our C team (mainly 6th graders) put up a brave fight in their three group games and were actually level with our B team until the end in their match against each other. Coaches Lumsden and Atilgan were very pleased with their efforts and attitude.

Our B team (mainly 7th and 8th graders) won two of their three group games but imploded against Gateway’s A team. They eventually decided that blaming someone else should not be your first response when you concede a goal and then they woke up. They managed to beat the British School in the 3rd place game 5-1.

Our A team (the CEESA squad) were extremely good in two of their three group games, but nearly messed everything up against the British School. A last minute Max’s goal sealed a 3-2 win and put them in the final against Gateway. With the wind at their backs, they played the best 12 minutes of the year in the first half and were up 4-0 at half-time. Against the wind, they held Gateway back in the second half and ended up winning 5-1.

Editor’s note: These photos are the courtesy of our students in MYP Media, who took a very creative look at the football matches.


Joe Lumsden