On September 21 and throughout the entire week, the IICS Primary students at Hisar and Marmara have been engaged in peace building activities.
-Mindfulness and meditation
-Learning about the origins of the United Nations International Day of Peace
-Reading books and writing poetry and messages for peace
-Special Art activities during play times on both campuses – a chalk mural, origami peace cranes, and a Kind-Hearted Hand Tree
-Playing a musical “Peace Playlist”

In addition, there are Secret Agents of Kindness at both Hisar and Marmara who are starting a Kindness Revolution! These students are voluntarily and anonymously performing acts of kindness around the school with the goal of making the world a kinder place to live.

Student messages about peace:
“I’m not OK with the bombs and the fire…I want the world to be safe.”

“Peace is the most important thing.”

“Be good and kind.”

–Jennifer Ribachonek
EAL Teacher, Learning Support & Marmara Primary Pastoral Care Leader