Young Authors’ Day is a celebration of the growth our young learners have made in literacy, the keystone of education.

Over many weeks, each student at Hisar from Early Years 3 to Grade 3 produces a story to share.  This is a mammoth task and requires sustained focus, persistence, grit, and determination; essential qualities in a world where you often hear worries about children’s lack of attention and over stimulation.

If you have ever thought of writing a novel but have been daunted at the size of the task, you will be able to empathize with the children who are publishing books whilst they are still learning about spelling, sequencing, structuring a plot, developing a narrative, characterization, grammar, using dialogue… I could go on.

However, this is not all they achieved. Whilst preparing their beautiful books, the children also managed to write two plays, choreograph two dances, develop a puppet show, and create a mime with sound effects. Hisar has been a hive of creativity and it all came together on the 4th June, when the children performed for their parents before sharing their books. Not even the rain could dampen spirits and we were very proud of the children and indeed, all of their teachers who made the day possible.

Last year we took the time to document their journeys and produced a short video to share with you.


judith kingsbury