You might be surprised to know how popular motorcross is with IICS students. At MotocrossPark Kilyos, the owner Sinan Memnun says that IICS students account for 50% of the under 18 riders there! Not only do we have a lot of motorcyclers there, some of them are quite exceptional. IICS Grade 7 student Rijk, for instance, has developed his skill so much that he competes against adults.

His mother Birgit says, “He is very passionate about it! He is racing on a 250cc bike, which is a heavy and large machine to operate given his weight and height, but he manages it very well. He is on fire when riding his bike!”  Indeed he is. Rijk won 3rd place in the May 19th Turkish national competition.

Philip, another grade 7 student, is following fast in Rijk’s footsteps. Despite living quite far from Kilyos, he’s out there every weekend taking lessons. His mother Alexandra and father Sven say, “This kind of sport gives them so much confidence and gets them out into nature. The surroundings here are great. It is a bit of a drive for us, but he loves it and he’s learning in a safe environment.”

After hearing about how involved our kids are in motorcross, I decided to check out the place for myself. Though I already have a motorcycle license and know how to ride, I had Sinan give me a lesson from zero to understand what our students might experience when they come to learn how to ride. Sinan, who speaks perfect English, did an excellent job of teaching step by step, keeping safety as the top priority. Even learning from zero, riders can be riding around the track within the first hour. And riders don’t have to be high schoolers…

When I was finishing up, I ran into Grade 4 and Grade 2 students Ross and Nina, who were just pulling up on their bikes! Despite being younger primary students, they handled their bikes like seasoned pros and were very excited to tell me all about their motorcross adventures. I loved seeing the two of them together as that was the same way I learned to ride– along with my big brother.

Mom Sarah says, “Nina was super excited to join and I love that she is so brave and doing so well. The first time I saw her go down the massive ramp on the training field my heart skipped a couple of beats, but she was totally calm and loved every minute. I also credit their calmness to the great training that Sinan gives. He is an excellent teacher, preaches about safety and makes them feel so confident. He is very kind and the kids naturally warm to him. The training is steady and he is totally engaged with the children’s progress, giving weekly updates and gently pushing them to reach their potential, which keeps them so interested.”

Sarah goes on to say that Ross is also inspired by the older kids like Rijk who competed in the championships and Ross has made it a goal to try and do the same. “Its a great way to get the kids’ adrenaline flowing, have some wonderful fresh air, and an opportunity for the kids to ride in the forest or see the coastline views. It’s also nice for parents to take a walk, too, and to go and explore the local beaches like Babylon  afterwards.”

For information, you can call or Email Sinan Memnun at 0531 315 74 70,

Jen Gokmen, Communications Coordinator