From the 5th to the 8th of May the boys’ and girls’ middle school softball teams ventured to Bucharest, Romania to exhibit all their hard work from their softball season.

The teams present for the tournament were Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Moscow, and of course, Istanbul! It was incredibly muddy during the tournament and even though it was fun to slide in the mud, it was also incredibly difficult to catch because the ball slowed down before it got to us. This is not what we were used to because during practice the ball bounced and came towards us quickly.

The first game we played was an exhibition game for fun against the Bucharest B team on Thursday and we lost 5-1. On Friday, our first game for the real tournament was against Warsaw and we were winning 1-0, but our lack of game experience showed when we made some silly mistakes and in the end we lost 2-1. Our second game on Friday was against Prague and we lost, even though we were playing a lot better than we were playing in the Warsaw game. We lost that game 14-2.

The last day of the tournament we played versus the Bucharest A team. This was one of our closest matches and the one in which we played our best. First it was 0-0 and then the opponents scored so it was 1-0, we were losing, but not by a lot. Then we scored 4 points in one inning and we were winning 4-1, we were so excited and then we were demoralized when it was their turn to bat they scored 7 runs that inning so we were losing again, 4-8. Our final chance to bat we scored 3 more runs and then we got out and we lost 7-8. After that game we had a team meeting and we tried to keep our heads up for the next game versus Warsaw, a chance to reclaim a game that we should have won. We were so excited to get our revenge but we lost the game, the score was 15-1.

Although we came last place, we won the sportsmanship trophy. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot from the experience, and we can’t wait to come back next year and win some games!
-Maria & Ayla