The ISL Badminton tournament was played over two gruelling days. The first day saw the British School eliminated early from the tournament, which left Robert College and IICS to contest the medals in all 5 competitions.

IICS had an excellent haul of medals at this tournament, but through combination of illness, injury, and one grade 12 team member doing his final exams, the team was left unable to win the gold medal places, However, the medals IICS won show considerable merit, given that our teams’ training time consisted of only five sessions whereas Robert College’s team had been playing all year. Our students were brilliant in their effort and determination, despite the setbacks.

If you see any of the following students, please congratulate them on their outstanding effort!

Girls’ Singles
Silver Medal: 2nd Hyojee R. (due to illness, unable to play for the gold)

Girls’ Doubles
Silver Medal: Helin S. and Hyojee R. (due to illness this pair unable to play for the Gold)

Boys’ Doubles
Silver Medal: Yuxiao H. and Daeyoung K. (very close in the final set for the gold)
Bronze Medal: Yannis H. and Ayush J. (due to Ayush being injured, the pair was unable to play for silver or gold)

Mixed Doubles
Silver Medal: Hyo Jee R. and Jong Ho C.(due to illness this pair unable to play for the Gold)
Bronze Medal: Helin S. and Rishabh J.