The 2015-2016 IICS musical production of Little Shop of Horrors has by far, been one of the most rewarding and most enjoyable shows I have ever been part of. At first, the rehearsals moved very slowly and the whole cast was a little skeptical on how the final show was going to go, but as we moved further and further along in the script and the musical pieces, we knew the show was going to turn out great!

Working alongside students from 7th up to the 12th grade has been such a valuable bonding experience for everyone. By being involved in a dramatic and musical production, one must communicate with their peers and interact with some people you’d never even think you would be talking to. I can safely say that I have strengthened bonds between friends and I have even created bonds due to Little Shop of Horrors.

Of course, bonding and interaction is not the main objective of the production. Throughout the months we’ve worked on this production, I feel as though everyone in the cast has grown as an actor, singer, and as an overall performer and person. I think Ms. Moore, our music teacher/choir instructor, would agree with me when I say that everyone has developed their voices tremendously not only in pitch, but also in vocal range and overall control of their voices.

Similarly, Ms. Pryor, our drama teacher and director, also acknowledges the fact that compared to last year, the cast’s acting has improved so much. I am very proud to see that this year’s drama group at IICS has developed so much in the span of a few months and was really able to put on a breathtaking show.

Opening ‘night’ was a terror backstage as we had to make sure we knew where all our costumes and props were, but the minute we got on stage, we all got comfortable and we were ready to rock!

The second day (the performance for the Secondary school) the cast got very nervous, trying to impress their friends, but soon enough that obstacle was conquered, too.

Without a doubt, our final performance was the best. Energy was high, singing was perfect, and acting was incredible. I was so excited when we finally got our harmonies to work!

After all three shows ended, backstage was extremely chaotic as everyone was running around congratulating each other and scrambling to collect their clothes as to not miss the busses home.

Anyway, at the end of the final performance everyone was ecstatic, but at the same time, everyone was a little sad because we all knew our lives would have to go back to being normal and boring instead of being filled with singing and dancing almost every day of the week.

To summarize, I had the time of my life portraying Seymour Krelborn in IICS’ rendition of Little Shop of Horrors and I can definitely conclude that everyone else involved in the production had inordinate amounts of fun as well, whether it be due to the lock-in we had, due to the rush of adrenaline we got during the shows, or due to the bonding between students as well as teachers.

A huge thank you to our amazing directors Ms. Moore and Ms. Pryor for making all of this possible and for helping us grow as performers.

A special thanks to Sezai Kara and Bayram Guner for creating our fantastic Audrey 2 plants!! This is how they came to life: