If you see any JV Boys’ Basketball players, please congratulate them on a great tournament. I am extremely proud of both teams we had for their determination, perseverance, and sportsmanship over the weekend.

On the first day, our second team had a difficult pool, playing the tournament’s first and second place teams, Warsaw and Moscow. Although the opponents were difficult, they never gave up and played with every ounce of energy they had and continued to improve. They lost both games the first day. The second day, they played the Vampires of Bucharest, playing a solid defense, and a fast-paced offense. It was a very exciting game, and we had a very good chance of winning it, but the shots were just not falling. This is the best this team had played all year. In the final match of the tournament, our second team of Dolphins shattered the second Warsaw team, to take 5th place overall. Furthermore, the IICS 2 team came away with a sportsmanship trophy as well, for their fair play and for never giving up.

As for the first team, the first day they played the best they had played all season, handily beating the Vampires of Bucharest and the second Warsaw team. In both games we were firing on all cylinders, making solid plays, and thoroughly impressing everyone. The coaches were talking about the Dolphins as the team to beat. However, the first Warsaw team didn’t get the memo that we were to win, and came out strong on the second day. We came out flat and were down by about 8 at one time. We came back to be up by two with 11 seconds left. Then a few mental mistakes allowed the Warriors to shoot and make 2 difficult free throws under pressure to send it to overtime. After 4 minutes, of overtime play we had no gas left in the tank, and lost it near the end. The last game we played was against a different Bucharest team than the previous day. They made adjustments and pulled out all the stops. We couldn’t make any shot for the first half. This deadly combination led to the Vampires sucking the life out of us to be ahead by double digits in the third quarter. The Dolphins were shaken, but resilient. The full court press came out again and injected some fire into game. That is when the real Dolphins team finally showed up, returning to the great shots, passes, and fast breaks. We closed the gap to be ahead by 2 in the final seconds of the game. We held on long enough to attain the 3rd place trophy.

I am so proud of the showing that both our teams had and by taking home 2 trophies. I’ve seen the best basketball I have ever seen out of all of the students, and more importantly they showed resilience, perseverance, and sportsmanship that we strive for at IICS.

darrick couts