IB Diploma Visual Art students spent a marvelous three days in the exciting city of Berlin last week on the first ever IICS DP Arts trip. The trip focused on the vibrant contemporary arts scene in Berlin, and included a street art tour and workshop, museum visits, a silent film screening, and a cabaret performance.

Much of our time was spent looking at the art in and on the streets and buildings around us. On the first day, we toured the wall, and the students proved their worth by identifying a number of the artists. This was followed by a day-long street art tour that took us to various venues throughout the city, and culminated in a workshop in which we all produced our own pieces. We even found the time to visit the Bahnhof contemporary art museum, which is full of  amazing exhibitions of modern paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Our evenings were equally packed. On our first night, we ate in an old Berlin dance hall, as dance classes swirled around us. We visited a turn-of-the-century cinema and watched an original ’30s film on Berlin (with live musical accompaniment). Best of all, was a performance on the last night of ‘the human circus’, a breath-taking acrobatic cabaret at the Chamaleon Theatre.

The students were friendly and respectful, and totally engaged with the art and the city around them.

Overall, it was a great success that we hope will become a new tradition for DP art students.
mira modly