This week IICS held a mini fair of UK universities, including admissions representatives from sixteen different institutions. Occasions like this give students a direct opportunity to ask questions to schools they are interested in. Just as importantly, it gives admissions people an opportunity to get to know our students on an individual basis and learn things about them that an application may not illustrate. For instance, IICS University Counselor, Dr.  Cherie Mobasheri, advised students that the university reps were very interested in hearing about their personal projects, many of which demonstrate intriguing topics students are passionate about and a depth of independent research that impresses recruiters and gives them more than just  GPAs upon which to base an opinion of a student. University reps who attended this week’s event commented how impressed they were with the level of maturity of IICS students and the ease with which they expressed themselves.

IICS provides a robust program of advisory, preparation courses, a constant flow of visits from university reps, as well as actively cultivating rapport with admissions officers worldwide to help IICS students access the universities that are best for them.

A typical year in our university counseling cycle looks like this:
University Admissions Rep Visits to IICS Campus: 65 from 8 countries
University Fairs in Istanbul made available to IICS students: 13
Admissions Webinars & Skype Conferencing with University Reps: 12
Admissions Workshops for Parents: 2, including 1 with an expert from US
Rapport-building Visits to Universities: 13 in 4 countries
ACT & SAT Preparatory Courses: 4

IICS is proud of its incredibly successful university placements. Please visit this link to see which universities and colleges our students are accepted at.