In the PYP, our curriculum includes not just on the subject knowledge that the children need to learn but also the attitudes that children need to develop to become successful learners. 

One of the ways we do this is to highlight one attitude across the campus to develop a common understanding. At the moment the focus is on creativity so we were delighted to invite visiting actor and artist Anthony Venturini to help raise the profile of creativity in our community.
Anthony makes a lot of his living by painting sets for theatrical productions. Amazingly he’s colourblind, but hasn’t let this get in the way of his art. In fact, you could say it’s become a feature of his style – a wonderful example of Growth Mindset to share with the children.
Yesterday he spent the afternoon creating a piece on the playground. The children had the opportunity to see the piece develop and to ask Anthony about his inspiration (the sun over the Bosphorus) and his process.

The final piece is based around the word CREATE – a visual reminder of the importance of creativity not just in the arts but in thinking and problem solving!
judith kingsbury