As part of the IICS exploratory program, a group of students with an interest in journalism and writing had the opportunity to work with an expert in this field.

IICS parent Susanne Gusten has been working in Turkey as a journalist for international media since 1997. She has reported for The International New York Times, Der Tagesspiegel, Das Parlament, Deutschlandfunk, Deutsche Welle, Swiss National Radio, Focus, among other news agencies. Before moving to Turkey, she worked for Agence France-Presse in Germany for ten years, where she last served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. (source)

Having Susanne work with our students was a great opportunity for us. Susanne helped them identify potentially contentious issues in the IICS community which would lend themselves to a deeper analysis or benefit from an alternative perspective. Students conducted interviews within the community, followed up leads and became investigative reporters. They tackled tricky issues such as the relocation of the school, analyzed decisions relating to our performance in CEESA tournaments and reported on earthquake readiness.

Grade 7 student Khwaish–who desperately wants to change the world through writing, which was the focus of her grade 6 exhibition— felt that “the journalism exploratory was an opportunity for me to explore my passion of writing. It was quite interesting to try this exploratory out as I could begin to see what being a journalist entails. It challenged me to think beyond the facts that I had in front of me and question what I already knew. It was a challenging experience and I gained quite a bit from it.”

Involving experts in our programme and connecting our students with people who are working in their area of passion is a great way to help our IICS students to excel. If you are an expert or experienced in any areas and are interested in working alongside our students please let us know!