On October 8-11 the IICS Middle School Boys’ Football Team traveled to Moscow to play in the CEESA tournament.

This was my first CEESA trip ever and I had so much fun there. It was well organized and my hosts were really nice to me. Max and I were staying with the same host family.

Now let’s talk about the football part. We were doing good on the first day in sportsmanship and in football. We won the first match (3-0) against Moscow but we lost the next 2 matches against Prague (5-2) and Bucharest (4-0). The snow was falling during every game so it was even difficult to see the football! Unfortunately our goalkeeper, Jamie (G8), got injured early on in the tournament and could not take part again.

The next day is when all the action happened. In the quarter finals, we were beating Budapest (2-0) until the last 5 minutes, and then we conceded a goal from a corner kick as Budapest fought back hard. They were now pressuring us and they got another corner kick in. This time someone headed the ball up and it ended up in the back of the net, but then while it was in the air it looked like 2 of our players got fouled but the ref said it was a goal not a foul. We had to go to a penalty shoot out to decide the game but unfortunately we lost (5-3).

After that game we played a match straight after but we had our heads down so we did not play very well and lacked good sportsmanship. We still ended on a high, though, by beating Moscow again in our final game (4-1).

–Yahya M., Grade 6