In IICS, we have a long standing tradition of hosting Open Assemblies. The performance space is open to any child who wants to share. Rehearsals are supported, but the acts are chosen by the children, resulting over the years in a wide range of acts:  gymnastics and football skills, musical solos and poetry recitals, juggling and dancing, jump rope and hula hooping to name but a few.

It never ceases to amaze us as staff when we watch the performances. Sometimes it is the new student, confidently standing up in front of the whole school to share a song in their mother tongue or a dance from their own country.  It can be the quietest child, who is often reticent to share in class, entertaining everyone with jokes or singing a solo from a musical.  Often new friendships are formed as students rehearse diligently in their play times to polish their acts, helping each other with dance or gymnastic routines. Skills such playing the piano, developed out side school, are shared with friends, highlighting individual talents and strengthening that all important connection between home and school.

Occasionally, what we see in assembly is not what is seen in rehearsals, as facing and audience can be daunting. However, we know that today’s world requires courageous people who are good communicators and willing to take a risk and open assemblies are one small step towards this goal.
–Judith Kingsbury, Primary Vice Principal
judith kingsbury