IICS Grade 10 students held their MYP Personal Project Exhibition on Wednesday, 18 March. It was another impressive display of student effort and skill.

The relevance of this kind of project for students is that project management in the real work-world is quite similar. The Personal Project process has students investigating, planning, taking action, and reflecting much the same any adult in the workplace completes projects, typically by designing, developing, executing, and evaluating. Therefore, Grade 10 students begin to learn now what the process is like.

The Grade 10 MYP Personal Project helps students develop skills they will take forward into their professional adult lives. In fact, the process itself is a major component of this event because it is in the process that some of the most important learning takes place. As the biggest independent project students will have engaged in, there are countless obstacles, unexpected (and sometimes undesired) outcomes, and other hurdles students face while bringing their project to life. Navigating these successfully –and even reflecting on less successful navigation– are valuable experiences that develop student understanding and skill at project management.

Though the process itself is the more significant part of student learning during the Personal Project, the final products are quite interesting and impressive. From creating a bi-lingual English/Turkish sign language dictionary to creating a photography exhibition to decrease  unnecessary use of technology, there have been some extraordinary investigations, actions, and even initiatives that intend to continue long after our exhibition has passed.

We were happy to have had so many parents attend our exhibition. Students from Grade 4 through Grade 9 also visited the event, giving Grade 10 students the chance to explain their projects to a host of interested spectators.

The event this year also included a Speakers’ Corner/presentation stage featuring ongoing TED-like talks and performances by students, which served to provide Grade 10s with another level of experience and confidence in presenting, and for the audience it offered another mode of learning about the projects.

We congratulate all the Grade 10 students on their creativity and hard work and thank Personal Project Team and all the faculty who have supported the process and exhibition event.



Grade 10 Student Personal Project Topic Goal
Melda Addressing the Insufficiencies of the United Nations To write a proposal for United Nations reform
Gabriela Humans of IICS (Photography and Quotes) To connect the IICS community
Ji-Hun Using Technology for Educational Games To demonstrate a new technology for education that might engage students and change their point of view
Kenny Creating the “International Students Forum Initiative” To create a conference designed for students to share “stories” or give presentations about their time as an International Student in an attempt to both raise dialogue between schools and realize their potential as such.
Hakki Creating a Documentary About Football Uniting the People of Istanbul To create a documentary to let people know the unifying impact football has on the people in Istanbul.
Omer Building Dog Shelters for Stray Dogs in the Gokturk Area To construct a dog shelter for use
Valentina The Conflict Between Israel and Palestine in the Media’s Perspective To raise awareness about the conflict and about how media can skew reality
Yasmin Missing Children in Istanbul To create an action plan detailing the first year aims in establishing a centre for missing children in Istanbul.
Jun Han Computer Addiction To create a movie demonstrating the severity of social media addiciton and methods of addressing it
Silvio Water Consumption at IICS To understand and address water waste on campus, decrease waste with possible solutions, and build awareness with a 3D model of IICS campus
Hiroki Eliminating Teenage Smoking To demonstrate to everyone why tobacco is harmful
Isak Building and Maintaining a Garden/Greenhouse To increase awareness of healthy eating and a healthy, active lifestyle.
Ethan Global Warming/Climate Change To raise awareness of the effects of global warming and to inspire more people to act to prevent it
Rishabh Research on Biodegradable Plastics and Recycling To create a report on different plastics, research methods to recycle multi-layered plastics of food packaging, and investigate raw materials which have the potential to perform as industrial plastics
Hye-eun Building an Architectural Model of an Affordable Eco-friendly House To create a model of a cost efficient eco-friendly house that has a healthy relationship with its residents, and to inform people about eco-friendly architecture
Alexandre Rumeli Feneri Cleanup To raise awareness of the environmental sustainability of the Bosphorus as a whole by orchestrating a cleannup of a Bosphorus landmark.
Andrew Racism in Football To raise awareness about racism in football by creating a video and two different tshirt designs
Bilge Anxiety in Teens To create a book about a teen suffering from anxiety to inspire readers to investigate this subject further.
Sebastian Creating a Fitness Plan To create a video about the journey my client and I experienced during the 2 week intensive program I created. My goal is to get more people active in sports.
Kaan Racism in Basketball To raise awareness about racism in football by creating a tshirt design
Serra Creating a Unique School Uniform To create a clothing style that IICS students enoy wearing
Caroline Teenage Depression To inform and convince people that teenage depression is an important and overlooked issue in society today
Irmak Alcohol Consumption To raise awareness of alcohol consumption and irresponsible drinking by hosting a conference for IICS high school students
Timur Is Participation in Athletics Correlative to Academic Success? To create a thorough case-study clearly separating fact from personal opinion, with the aim to achieve a clearer perception of the degree to which athletics benefits student learning
Yasemin Animal Assisted Therapy To raise awareness of this alternative therapy technique
Yasemin Methamphetamines To create a model of a methamphetamine lab to increase the audience’s basic knowledge about methamphetamines.
Alpay Developing an Android (Samsung) Phone Application To create an educational game to teach the geography of the world.
Jules Videos on How to Draw To teach people how to draw through videos tutorials which will improve their drawing skills and offer them a way to express themselves
Micah Creative Writing To teach and inspire young adults how to develop their writing skills
Stanislaus Fitness and Personal Engagement To create a student-tested fitness plan focusing on training, helpful advice, and health tips
Iman Classical Dance To teach a small group of students (2-4) Manipuri, a classical dance, as well as provide background knowledge on classical dance
Alia Creating a Public Mural To create a mural in a populated area in Istanbul which expresses a social issue
Eray Use of Meditation for Relaxation To demonstrate how something as simple as meditation can be used for so many different benefits
Ji Young Design Clothes Inspired by Nature To design detailed and specific clothes based on nature
Mana Compose a Song Using Technology To produce a song with Japanese lyrics about finding your own identity, with all song elements being produced on my laptop
Olivia Lal Medicine To demonstrate the importance of First Aid at IICS
Can Sleep Deprivation and Electronics To demonstrate the difference in behavior between people going to sleep without looking at their phone or laptop and when they do look at their phone or laptop before going to sleep.
Serena Human Overuse of Technology To create a photography exhibition to decrease the amount of time spent using technology unnecessarily
Yuka Abnormal Weather To create a movie exploring abnormal weather
Parmida The Effect of Different Genres of Music on Children To demonstrate the music preference of different ages and its effects
Yeone Criminology To create clear and accurate crime scene which challenges the audience’s problem solving skils
Roberto Communication Through Sign Language To create a bi-lingual English/Turkish sign language dictionary
Caleb Play-Based Learning To create a simple yet effective game that teachers can use in any subject to engage students morewith learning