Our start into the new school year has been a pretty eventful one and there is more to come: Catalogue Book Sale, Family Picnic and Parent Field Trips!

Greenhouse Books Catalogue Sale (Oct. 9)
Catalogues with instructions on how you can order books for your children (EY3-Grade8) are coming home in backpacks Thursday, OCTOBER 9th! There is a quick turn around for these orders so we can get the books to you quickly. Please send your orders back on Monday. October 13th and we expect to have them for you by Friday, October 24th. These sales are not only a great opportunity to order English books for yourself but they will also help our libraries earn extra purchasing power, so order generously please. PS-They make great gifts! Read about Greenhouse Books here. Please contact Didem Sagiroglu for more info.

Family Picnic and Fun Run (Oct. 11)
A perfect day to catch up with friends and meet new families in a relaxed atmosphere. A day dedicated to sports and Fun activities for the whole family, complete with a delicious picnic and BBQ at our extraordinary Marmara Campus. Support our team at the IICS-CEESA Intl. Jr. Boys Football tournament. Exchange your ‘out-grown’ toys against other interesting ones and challenge your skills at various games – there will be so much to entertain you.
Date/Time: October 11, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
SIGN-UP ONLINE here & GET YOUR TICKETS. Ticket Prices are 25 TL for students and 50 TL for adults. It includes all your food and fun plus a great IICS t-shirt to show off your school spirit!
Need more info? Please contact Melanie Wrigglesworth.

October Parent Field Trips (Oct. 15, 16 and 22)
In October the PTA invites you to explore Istanbul with Monica Fritz, a professional photographer and tour guide (http://www.istanbulodosviaggio.com/). There are 3 very special walks through some of Istanbul’s most scenic neighborhoods. Come and join us on the 007 Skyfall Grand Bazaar Rooftops Photo Walk (October 15th or 16th = tour no 1&2) and/or a visit to the colorful Golden Horn neighborhood of Galata Balat (October 22nd = tour no 3). Follow this link to read more and sign-up (space is limited!!!). You may also contact Debbie Kobayashi for more details.

On a last note:
Would you like to get more insights into PTA’s work? Do you have any suggestions or an idea to share with us? Come to one of our committee meetings. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 8th. Our secretary, Charity Kessinger, will give you more details.

We wish you a happy Kurban Bayram.

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UPCOMING – to mark in your calendar!
(PTA events marked bold)

Sept.30-Oct.1    Middle School Girls and Boys’ Football Tournament ISL

Oct. 8     PTA Committee Meeting (please contact Charity Kessinger if you want to come)
Oct. 9     Greenhouse Catalogue Book Sale
Oct. 9-12: IICS-CEESA Intl. Jr. Boys Football Tournament at Marmara
Oct. 11   Family Picnic and Fun Run at Marmara Campus – buy your tickets here online!
Oct. 15   Primary Parent Conference at Hisar
Oct. 15   PTA Parent Field Trip “Skyfall Grand Bazaar Rooftops Photo Tour” 
Oct. 16   Primary Parent Conference at Marmara
Oct. 16   Principal’s Tea at Marmara
Oct. 16   PTA Parent Field Trip “Skyfall Grand Bazaar Rooftops Photo Tour”
Oct. 17   Principals’ Tea at Hisar
Oct. 21-23 Primary MAP Test
Oct. 21-22 High School Girls Soccer Tournament ISL
Oct. 22   PTA Parent Field Trip “Golden Horn Balat Tour”
Oct. 24   Funky Friday Treat Day
Oct. 29   Republic Day – NO SCHOOL

Nov. 1    Secondary Parent Teacher Conferences

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