WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL and to The Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

As you may know, all parents and teachers are members of the PTA and we look forward to getting to know you.
The goal of the PTA is to build our IICS Community through its events, resources, and services. We have been working hard to set up quite a few activities, events, and resources that we think all parents will find useful and enjoyable.

Here are some highlights of what’s coming up in the next weeks…

There are two Coffee Mornings on our September program:

  • September 17th – Angela Steinman, Primary Principal, will give you "Insights into MAP Testing and Goals for the Primary Program this Year". The event venue will be the Theater at Marmara Campus. Time: 10 – 11:30.
  • September 22nd, 1 – 2:30 pm, at the Marmara Campus
  • On September 24th– Chris Andre, Secondary Principal, will talk about "Insights into the Secondary School Culture at IICS".  It will be at a location close to Hisar Campus, 10:00-12:30.





    For more detailed information about the Coffee Mornings please contact Susan Taylor.

We are also planning various Parent Field Trips throughout the year.

The first one on September 18th will take us to Kilyos, a northern beach suburb of Istanbul on the Black Sea. Enjoy a typical meze lunch, stroll through the ruins of Rumeli Feneri, and get a glimpse of the third Bosphorus bridge under construction. Your PTA will provide a Free Round Trip Bus Service departing from Akmerkez, Hisar Campus and Istinye Park.
For more detailed information about the Parent Field Trip please contact Debbie Kobayashi.

You will receive an invitation very soon  email allowing you to sign up for these events.

Please mark October 11th for one of our bigger school wide events…the FAMILY FUN RUN and PICNIC at Marmara Campus. This day is dedicated to sports and fun activities for the whole family, complete with a delicious picnic and BBQ. It is a perfect day to catch up with friends and meet new families in a relaxed atmosphere.
Tickets will be for sale on Back to School Days and at all PTA events and can be purchased until October 3rd. You will also be able to buy tickets at Marmara and Hisar Campus from Ms. Zeynep at Marmara Campus and Ms Ayse at Hisar Campus. The ticket price is 25 TL for children up to 12yrs old. For children over 12 years old and adults, the price is 50 TL. The price includes not only the run but also games, picnic, bouncy castle, t-shirt, and a lot more fun activities. Please contact Melanie Wrigglesworth if you wish more information or if you'd like to get involved and help.

We look forward to a fun and meaningful year full of opportunities to make 2014-2015 the very best for you. We hope that you will get involved! You are in fact more than welcome to come to one of our Committee Meetings and share with us your ideas, questions and concerns. Our first meeting this year is September 4th. Please contact Charity Kessinger for details about location and time.

Be sure to check our website www.pta.iics-k12.net for all the latest info. We are rolling out a number of website updates so keep checking back!

We also strongly recommend that you sign up to the school's IICS Weekly Newsletter. It will keep you posted on all upcoming activities and news around the school at a glance. You'll find the sign-up form on the right hand side of any IICS Blog Page. If you use an RSS reader (feed burner) you can use this link in your feed burner to stay updated.

UPCOMING – to mark in your calendar!
(PTA events marked bold)

Aug. 29   9.15 Marmara Opening Assembly; 2.50 Hisar Opening Assembly

Sept 3    Back to School Day @ Hisar – FUN RUN Ticket Sale!
Sept. 4   10.30 – 12.00 PTA Committee Meeting @ Susan Taylor's home.
Sept. 4   Back to School Day for Primary Parents @ Marmara – FUN RUN Ticket Sale!
Sept. 9   Back to School Day for Secondary Parents @ Marmara – FUN RUN Ticket Sale!
Sept. 11  9.15 Marmara Primary Assembly
Sept. 12  2.50 Hisar Primary Assembly
Sept.14   Middle School Girls' Football Tournament (please contact Booster Club for details)
Sept.16   Hisar Picnic
Sept.17   PTA Coffee Morning at Marmara Campus with Angela Steinman, Primary Principal + FUN RUN Ticket Sale
Sept.18   PTA Parent Field Trip "Where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea. Kilyos and Rumeli Feneri"
Sept.19   Funky Friday Treat Day
Sept.19   Board Cocktail
Sept.22   PTA Coffee Morning at Marmara Campus with Chris Andre, Secondary Principal + FUN RUN Ticket Sale
Sept.22-Oct.2   SCHOOL PHOTOS
Sept.23   Teacher Appreciation Day @ Marmara
Sept.24   PTA Coffee Morning at Hisar Campus with Chris Andre, Secondary Principal + FUN RUN Ticket Sale
Sept.25   9.15 Marmara Primary Assembly


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