Dear IICS Community,

As we’ve been re-accredited by IB, CIS and NEASC this past academic year, we wanted to share with you some comments from their reports that made us proud.

Our inquisitive parents who’d like to read more on our IB, CIS and NEASC accreditations and view the reports, just visit our website > accreditations.

Happy reading!

Comments from the IB Accreditation Report on key strengths of IICS:

  • The school governing body, staff, pedagogical and administrative leadership for their commitment and understanding of the three IB programmes. 
  • The school community for embracing international- mindedness and the learner profile attributes in all aspects of the school life.
  • The school investment in the physical and virtual learning environments, facilities, resources and specialized equipment to support the implementation of the programme and to facilitate student Inquiry. 
  • The school for supporting and promoting student voice and student choice and for providing the space and the time for self directed learning and inquiry.
  • The school for establishing a smooth transition from MYP to DP by focusing on the development of the required skills and knowledge.
  • The school for developing a written curriculum that promotes students’ awareness of individual, local national and world issues.


Comments from the CIS Accreditation Report:

In granting the award of accreditation, CIS felt that the commendations – or strengths of the school – far outweighed any areas in which the school was deficient. Of particular note is the school’s:

  • effective use of the school’s guiding statements to drive decision making and planning at all levels of the school;
  • exemplary working relationship between the board and head of school with a clear shared vision, that allows for the head to provide leadership for the whole school programme;
  • recent initiatives to formalise conversations and document clearly a data-for-learning protocol;
  • student body and their willingness to take action and coordinate activities to effect change in a wide range of areas;
  • comprehensive transition literature and procedures for moving between programmes in and out of the school;
  • opportunities and outstanding ongoing support for professional learning as facilitated by the leadership team and the commitment of teaching staff to their own professional development; and
  • high standard of maintenance, cleanliness, safety and security throughout the school as a result of the efforts of the operational and facilities staff.

These strengths should be celebrated by the school community.

Comments from the NEASC Accreditation Report:

  • It was evident to the Visiting Team that the relationships between staff and students, as well as among the students, were very strong, and they are evidently living the school’s Mission with respect.
  • It was very clear that learning at IICS is multidimensional across the school. While there was a natural progression of increasing academic rigor from Primary through to the Secondary School, there were consistent and carefully crafted opportunities for students to expand their learning beyond the formal curriculum.
  • The school is a living museum for creativity, whether through pieces of artwork or through posters and artifacts from music, theater, technology, and sports.
  • Strong student/staff relationshipsencourage and empower students to fully participate in learning activities that are varied and which promote the development of academic rigor through the exploration of increasingly complex issues. The school has a well-developed platform for supporting students to explore creative and expressive talents, and these are extremely well showcased and celebrated. Next steps: As part of the school’s ongoing discussions about how to further personalize.
  • The leadership and staff at IICS have developed powerful practical models of using a variety of data to inform and promote learning. The Visitors saw numerous examples where data was being used in impactful ways.
  • The Visitors observed consistently high-quality teaching and impactful learning taking place around the school, built on very strong relationships. A plethora of attractive work on display around the school demonstrated the scope of the learning activities, many of which illustrated the authentic and often exploratory nature of projects and activities. Observations within classrooms consistently noted engaging and insightful discourse where different perspectives were explored or where learners were being asked to view problems through a certain lens which encouraged developing skills of empathy and understanding.
  • Engagements, like choice of inquiry focus and methods of sharing learning, has given them the confidence and preparedness they need in order to meet the school’s increasingly rigorous expectations. It was clear from observations that IICS students have a strong, respected voice in a number of aspects throughout the learning community.
  • Community values are clearly stated, actively lived, and engage all within the IICS community. The school’s Mission is clearly shared and provides a strong focus for all decisions on learning, as well as being high profile in all marketing materials.

The school is to be commended for its achievements in creating such a positive, focused, and welcoming community.