Last Friday was the final performance of “Alice in Wonderland 2018”, a hilarious version of Lewis Carroll’s famous tale – penned by our very own Dr. Gary Percival, full-time English teacher, part-time literary genius.

There were many surreal touches worthy of a Mad Hatter’s imagination, such as the opening sequence where the audience was ‘locked in’ to the theatre and harangued by Tweedledee and Tweedledum, ably played by Melisa and Imara. These terrifying flight attendants were more reminiscent of the twins from “The Shining” than the friendly faces of Turkish Airlines.

After initially being lulled, along with Alice, by the beautiful voice of Esther singing by the riverbank and Lia reading from Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Doors of Perception’, the audience was drawn in to a rollercoaster of madness and mayhem.

Magnificent casting and outstanding performances by every single cast member created an unforgettable ensemble show.

Tallulah – being seen for the first time in public in a dress – created a convincing Alice, in turn amused and frustrated by the antics of the frantic White Rabbit (Dowon), and the inimitable duo of the Mad Hatter (Aramis) and the March Hare (Zoe). The audience was treated to a master class in comic timing from this pair – slowed only by the narcoleptic dormouse (Derhan) and a wily Cheshire cat (Sarah).

The second act culminated in the trail scene, dominated by the queen of hearts (Halim), reminiscent of Cruella De Vil, resplendent in her crimson awfulness. Presiding over the absurd mistrial of the put-upon Knave of Hearts (Erim) was the phone-obsessed King of Hearts (Ali), and the sword-wielding Executioner (Noah).

The play was filled with exquisite cameos – the Marxist caterpillar played so robustly by Roman, the pompous fish and frog footmen (Milli and Emily), the feisty pet pig (Ganime), the windy Humpty Dumpty (Tuanna), and the constantly arguing Celtic cook (Aura) and the bossy Duchess (Halima). Let’s not forget the three singing cards (Selin, Miriam and Makoto), desperate to keep their heads. To top it all, hilarious sequences with the card chorus (Shanze, Frehya, Bianca, Alexandra and Helin) had the audience in stitches.

Congratulations to the directors Gary Percival and Nicola Pryor, their trusty stage manager Nur, and the amazing backstage team Noah, Firat, Berci, Nicholas, Eren and Karl.

Makeup: Stunning original designs by Hina Hashmi (full time Science teacher, part-time makeup artist\bike adventurer) applied by Jessica, Alina, Melek, Kilani and Lara.

Costumes: fabulous outfits sourced by Chiara Mignani and her team of Melisa L, Nula, Melisa B, Alina, and Donne.

Set: Julie Caccamise and her productive crew of Ju Won, Dongjae, Sujin, Eunjung and Noel. 

Sound and Lighting: the dynamic duo Heath Fontes and Philipp Schilk, ably supported by Emir, Victor and Ugur.

Special thanks go out to the maintenance crew led by Bogachan Bey and Dogukan Bey, who helped to keep the proceedings running smoothly; Begum and Sena for visual communication design and overall communications; and Zachary McMacken, Adrienne Costello and Brenda St George for their behind-the-scenes help.

Laughter, romance, horror, intrigue and jam tarts …… Who could ask for more?