26910337_548331792189578_4773247852661669984_oEmpowering students with a maker mindset is a key goal in the primary school this year. Playful experimentation, trial and error, persistence and effective application of knowledge are assets in any curriculum area. Our Makerspace offers an engaging and practical context to develop these qualities whilst building our students’ Invention Literacy.

We would like to thank the PTA and our community for purchasing the new resource Little Bits for our Maker Space. An excellent resource, Little Bits is an electronics toolkit that consists of small components – batteries, speakers, switches – which connect together via powerful magnets. Things that connect will snap and stay together while things shouldn’t connect will repel each other. The modular nature of Little Bits allows our students to rapidly make changes to their projects and is a good introduction to basic circuitry.

Thank you IICS PTA!