As emerging technologies are certain to be disruptive to our near-future workforce, global economies, communities, and relationships – big steps are being taken at IICS to explore, converse and be well-prepared to embrace the changes anticipated that our students will inherit.

The Terminal

Terminal panoramic photoThe Terminal strives to be a MakerSpace centered around Technology. Designed to provide a wide range of empowerment for our learning community to explore, create, deconstruct, discover, and define individual passions.

Areas of Focus: Technology Club – building computers and interfaces from hardware and software control, Robotics, 3D printing, Technology Teardowns (taking apart electronics to understand the parts, processes, and purpose of technology around us), Video Game /Application creation, Google Suite for Education Workshops for Staff, Virtual and Augmented Reality training and development, Photography and Video post-production.

Technology Club

The recently launched Technology Club meets in The Terminal. It has 3 primary goals for 2018:
1. Provide video streaming support to our afterschool activities so friends and family around the world can view events they cannot attend physically.
2. Extend our learning and exploration of technology beyond the classroom. We are working on online courses to better understand Machine Learning, Virtual Reality space creation, and ethical hacking to better understand the systems around us.
3. Safe use of technology endorsements via information distribution around the IICS campus.

Futurist Coffee Discussions

join inSimla Karamartin and Clint Carlson are putting their PLC ideas into action and leading “Futurist Coffee – discussions about “the World that our Learners Will Inherit” in 2018. These pilot, 15-minute coffee-breaks meet in The Terminal and are intended to cover a variety of futurist topics in short form to start longer conversations. Scheduled topics include Future Careers, Robotic Labor and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain technology (Bitcoin), Universal Basic Income (UBI) 

We are planning to expand this into larger, longer format conversations to not only better understand what is coming but also brainstorming how to best prepare students for a world much different than our current fast-changing lives. It’s vital to have parents, teachers and students at all levels in on the conversation.

G-Suite-For-EducationIICS Google Suite For Education (GSFE) Certification Cohort

January 2018 also launched the IICS GSFE Certification Level 1 Cohort. The Cohort is made up of 22 staff members, learning together, asynchronously in a Google Classroom. Led by Certified Trainer Clint Carlson, the cohort is covering 2 units a week with the goal to complete Level 1 certification by the end of February. Level 2 Certification begins in March 2018.