ib-world-school-logoIt seems a long time ago now, but in December, IICS had its full evaluation visit from the IB, reviewing the quality and effectiveness of the three IB programmes at our school.

A few months prior to this visit the school must submit a comprehensive review of the school’s level of compliance with the standards required by the IB and include a raft of documents as evidence. After this a team of educators and consultants visit the school to verify the evidence submitted, observe classes and interview staff, students, leadership and parents. They will produce a detailed report, which will be received by the school in approximately 6 weeks’ time. Before leaving the visiting team offered feedback and general overview of their impressions.

IB Visiting Team

After going through any significant findings standard by standard, the team leader offered the following points as the highlights of the visit:


Outstanding Student Teacher Relationships
The visitors commented on the way students described their teachers, their learning, the school and their global contexts in inspiring ways. The team truly wished they had recorded these interviews to bring back to the IB headquarters as exemplars of an outstanding culture of learning.
GREAT Teaching & Learning
The visitors were impressed by the overall standard of teaching and learning throughout the school. They suggested we encourage more staff to apply as leaders and trainers in the region.
Our Personalized Learning Approach
The visitors were inspired by the level of self-direction and collaboration amongst the students, the opportunities they had to express their voice and choice. They want to have the IB come and see our school, and to celebrate our story!