Process of Director Recruitment

Acknowledging the vital importance of finding the right person, the IICS Board engaged one of the top international educational recruiters Carney Sandoe to support the process. The organization visited IICS, completed some research within the IICS community both via discussions and a survey to ascertain the main features looked for in the new leader. The position was advertised and they received an excellent response. Carney Sandoe interviewed the applicants and reduced it to 12 possibles who were forwarded to the team at IICS.

The Board spent many hours interviewing the 12 long listed candidates over skype; 4 candidates were shortlisted and invited to Istanbul to be grilled by the community.
After gruelling days of interview by representatives of staff, teachers, leadership, parents and students, visits to both campuses, interviews and dinner with the Board, a final candidate survived!

NATHAN WALKER, Head of School for IICS, July 2018

Nathan professional picBorn and raised in Olympia, Washington State, Nathan Walker started his career as middle school teacher and a college wrestling coach before moving abroad in 2000. Since then, Nathan has served as assistant high school principal, high school principal, director, head of school, and associate superintendent at American international schools in Colombia, Chile, Spain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.
In addition to his school leadership responsibilities, Nathan was a member of the Near East South Asia (NESA) Board of Trustees, and other boards representing community and alumni organizations. Throughout his international career, Nathan has served on accrediting teams representing SACS (AdvancEd), MSA, CIS and currently as chair for NEASC.

Nathan earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Teaching and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Brigham Young University. He has also completed extensive graduate work at Lehigh University and the University of Minnesota. Whereas Nathan is passionate about his career as an international educator, he is particularly proud of his two children; Grace (14) and Ryan (12). Both were born in South America where Nathan served as High School Principal and they have enjoyed traveling the world with their father.

“I was very excited to be offered to serve as the next IICS Head of School. IICS has a long history dedicated to the international community in Istanbul. I was very impressed by students, faculty, parents, and the Board of Directors during my visit. The IICS community is truly dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities for students and I am looking forward to becoming part of that family and building upon the leadership of Jane Thompson and what the entire IICS community has achieved.” –Nathan WalkerWalker Family

“It was great to be apart of choosing a candidate for the new Head of School. Being able to do so shows that student opinion is important and appreciated in IICS. I enjoyed being able to see the candidates who wanted to be apart of the school community and being apart of the interview team.” –Melissa, Student

“Interviewing the Head of School candidates was an amazing and educational experience. I never understood how interviews worked, so being able to interview the candidates have taught me how to function and act during an interview. I’m thankful that I can take this experience and what I’ve learned into my future career.” –Sarah, Student

A warm welcome to Nathan and his family!