The penultimate piece of our renovation project – the transformation of our science – facilities was completed over the winter break.

DSC_0008Our new Facility Manager, Bogachan Canak and his team supported PBD (Park Bahce Donanim) in ensuring everything was ready in time.

“As a department we are excited to finally deliver a fully integrated practical Science programme at IICS. Students are inspired to explore Science using evidence-based methodologies for investigating everyday phenomena.” -Hina Hashmi, Science Teacher

“New Science labs were a wonderful new year surprise for us. There is more room for students to work in groups and for teachers to freely move around while helping different students.” -Maqbool Ahmad, Science Teacher

What do our students say?DSC_0005

“The new laboratories give students the opportunity to have a more professional experience when doing practical work for their sciences.”

“I like how the new labs have tables that are finally an appropriate height for performing experiments. The rooms seem much larger and organized now that the new tables have been installed. I’m very excited to begin working in the labs!”

“The new labs look great and I cannot wait to do different experiments with the new equipment and labs that we have!”

“The new labs are a nice change from the old equipment. The level of safety has really improved making us feel safer when doing exciting experiments.”

“The plug-availability has risen drastically, which we are all grateful for.”

“I’m really happy that we have a new lab to have hands on experience with our learning!”