Our Acthletics and Activities Coordinator Mr. Johnson has worked very hard this year to increase the amount of competitive play experience for IICS students. Connecting with local Turkish schools for friendly matches has been especially successful fromboth cultural and sportive perspectives.

2018 began with the first ever Turkish International Schools League Basketball tournament. It was held at the Kaya Riu Belek Hotel in Antalya from January 11-13. In total, IICS sent seven teams, 61 students, and 14 coaches/chaperones. IICS players represented the school well and made us proud as coaches and parents. Participating schools included Bilkent Laboratory International School Ankara, British Embassy School of Ankara, MEF Izmir, Robert College, Uskudar American School, and Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School with over 150 other players participating.IMG_1825

In the end, it was a great experience for our players to gain confidence playing away from IICS in a tournament format. This event will help prepare them to succeed in the coming CEESA tournaments around eastern Europe in March. While not every team experience the same level of success, it’s clear that they all grew as teammates, people, and as friends.

Thanks to our dedicated coaches!


1st Place – Middle School Girls
2nd Place – High School Girls
2nd Place – Middle School Boys #1
3rd Place – High School Varsity Boys
4th Place – High School Girls JV
5th Place – Middle School Boys #2
5th Place – High School Boys JV