Woot Woot! Construction of main structure of Greenhouse has started on the 1st of December under the lead of an engineer 12th Grader and the Roots & Shoots labour crew composed of other 12th Graders. The first two walls were built using beams and drill machines in a relaxed, collaborative and purposeful atmosphere.

The Roots & Shoots building team also had a surprise visit from the EY3/4 students who were almost flying away due to the strong wind gusts.

Although, the objective of having the main structure finished was not achieved, we were able to clean up the construction site and leave satisfied of the work done.

This project connects with our bigger initiative ‘Project Greenthumb’ – part of a prototype for our strategic thinking work, begun at the start of this school year.

Update – 11th December: 

This week the team worked on lunch break and after school on Tuesday and Wednesday. The main structure is now fully built thanks to a great collective effort!

4 students really went above and beyond with their commitment to the project; one even gave up his appointment at the hairdresser to make sure we could complete construction!

The facilities team is as supportive as always and work has taken place smoothly.

Watch this space for updates!