DSC_0002Our second ever International Reading week took place from November 20 – 24th this year. The purpose of this week is to develop international mindedness in our students through reading. This year we chose to do this through asking the students to complete at least one of four challenges:

  1. Read a book set in a country you have never been to before
  2. Read a book in a language that you are learning
  3. Read a book that has been translated from another language
  4. Read a book yourself or to someone else in your Mother Tongue

Once students had chosen a challenge they were given a bookmark. Once they had completed the challenge the bookmark was placed alongside the poster at the door of the library. Most students succeeded in reading book in their Mother Tongue.

We also ran a Mother Tongue storytelling time for all primary students. At Hisar Campus parents came in and read to the children. At Marmara Campus students in the secondary school volunteered to read. This was a wonderful time of many classrooms filled with children listening to stories in more than 12 different languages. The most laughter was coming from the Russian story telling room at Marmara!

At Hisar there were poems and stories read over the loudspeaker system every morning. Also the teachers at Hisar did their now annual dramatisation of a story, a highlight for the students every year.

The bookmark competition continues to be very popular. Students had to  include the theme which this year was, “Reading takes you everywhere!”.

Each year as we take the week before International Day to promote reading in our school we find more ways to celebrate the many languages and cultures represented in our community.