IICS Fall Season Awards Ceremony 2017-18On Wednesday, November 28, IICS hosted the Fall 2017 Co-Curricular Awards Assembly. In an effort to freshen things up, Ms. Ramirez took the reins to create an experience that was student centered, lively, and filled with music and prizes. Our talented technology department even livestreamed the event for parents who could not attend in person.

The purpose of the assembly was to recognize the efforts of club participants, competitors, cc clubsand athletes. Thirteen students involved in lunch-time or after school clubs were recognized by their advisors for excellence in participation with Certificates of Commendation. The morning gathering continued with the recognition of a Coaches’/Advisors’ Award for each team. The leadership, humility and hard work of these students was especially highlighted.The Most Improved Award was also awarded by the coaches recognising students who had shown courage, resilience and willingness to keep practising. Players’/Participants’ Choice Award was chosen by the students to recognise a teammate for their efforts, support of their peers and great attitude. In the end, we recognized all football, cross country, and speech and debate teams who went off to CEESA in November. We’re very proud of all students who take part in IICS Co-Curricular programs and continue to improve the quality of such experiences.

Let’s have a great Winter Season!

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