space camp turkeySpace Camp Turkey in Izmir is an ideal first residential trip for our 4th graders.

“Space Camp Turkey is primarily focused on motivating young people from around the world to pursue careers in science, math, and technology. Through interactive, space-related simulations, both youth and adults learn about communication, teamwork, and leadership in a dynamic, fun-filled environment.”

All of the fun things about “camp” and being away from family (for the first time for some) were intermixed with an emphasis of the current Unit of Inquiry.

Space exploration leads to new understandings of the world beyond Earth. An inquiry into:
– How and why humankind continues to explore space
– What we currently know about space
– How have technological advances changed what we know about space


Simulators of spacewalks, tumble falls, moon walks and even the need to exercise in space make the realities of life in space come alive -and they were really fun too! :