Held a bit earlier than in the past, this year’s TISL tournament was still a great two days of wind, rain, and football. Our IICS players showed off their talents and demonstrated what it means to be a competitor with character.

20170929_112443On Friday 29th September the IICS High School Girls Football team visited Robert College for a 7-a- side tournament. Our 18 girls were divided into two equal teams, and we were joined by two Gateway teams and one each from Robert College and MEF. IICS #1 began the day with a game against Robert College, and with goals from Mimi and
Maya, we ran out comfortable winners. This victory was followed up with a 1-0 win over Gateway’s first team thanks to a spectacular volley from Maya, and this put our girls in the

On the second pitch, the IICS #2 girls enjoyed similar success. Goals from DoWon and Meryem and helped us to a 2-0 victory over MEF in the first game, and a three goal burst in
the second half of the game with Gateway #2 resulted in a comfortable 3-0 win and a place in the final. Once again, DoWon and Meryem were on the scoresheet with Ece adding the

20170929_112535The final match was an anti-climax in many ways, as our two teams faced each-other on a deserted Robert College pitch. Two masterful defensive displays from Solin at one end and
Ayla at the other kept the score low, and only a beautiful goal from Meryem in the second half separated the teams. IICS #2 captain, Marta Budroni, picked up our two trophies and
took them back to school to add to the collection in the cabinet.

The aim of the day was to improve our play regardless of results. Although the final was less relevant than we had hoped, all girls were playing really well by the end of our group
matches in the morning. Now it’s time for some 11-a- side matches and hopefully a CEESA tournament.

Friday, the 29th of September, our IICS Varsity Boys Football team also travelled to Robert College for a 7-a-side tournament. We fielded two equal teams for this tournament to allow them maximum play time. We named them Team A and Team B – not to indicate a first string and second string team, but rather to identify two separate teams.

Team A got off to a slightly slow start and took a while to adjust to the dynamics and complexities of a 7-a-side game. In their first two games they conceded a goal against each of their two opposing teams. From then on, they found their stride and rhythm and came back strong with two solid wins in their next two games. Along with finding their stride, they showcased increased determination as they continued to attack the goal, only to be denied, either by the amazing reflexes of the goalkeeper or just plain bad luck as the ball hit the post and went out of play on every occasion. Their perseverance eventually paid off with those two solid wins. Their first win was against the British International School and their second win was a victory against Gateway, who despite their loss against us, ended up the winners with 3 wins out of 4 games played by the end of day, with their only loss being to our team A.

Team B on the other hand took to the 7-a-side tournament like a duck takes to water. They completely outplayed every opponent in their tournament. They showcased amazing skill and fluency as they attacked and advanced the field of play and maintained their shape and form when they withdrew into defensive mode as well. With every game they played they grew in their ability to move the ball around effortlessly and penetrate the opposition’s defence which finally ended up with them scoring numerous goals. In their final game they had numerous attempts on goal but could not find the back of the net. The team stayed focused, held their form, and eventually found success, scoring 3 times and eventually ended up winning that game 3-0.They played 4 games in all, scoring a total of fourteen goals without conceding a single goal.

This tournament was a great day spent out at Roberts College. It provided the team a great opportunity to identify and recognise many of their “glows” and their “grows”, that will in turn help them make the necessary adjustments as they strive to be the best team they can be in every sense!

They play a few more friendly fixtures and the TISL tournament at Roberts College at the end of the month before heading to Kiev for the CEESA tournament so expect updates!22140907_10156307182439068_5976709851528523463_n

This tournament at Robert College helped the Junior Varsity team to identify the areas to develop before the CEESA Tournament. They had a good opportunity to discuss where they did well and where they needed to work on, both on individual and team levels, once the tournament was over. The Junior Varsity team players are very motivated and ambitious which makes them a strong team. They won one match, drew one match, and lost two against Varsity team.



IMG_0561The second day was kinder to IICS #2 as they battled for a victory against Gateway #2. They gained a lot of confidence during their matches and did a great job of supporting IICS #1 dominate the rest of the tournament. In what was eventually a blowout, the IICS #1 girls took home the championship. We are so proud of how they all performed.



IMG_0560The IICS middle school boys entered two teams to the tournament. On the first day, IICS #2 had a rough go, as they faced the eventual champions in British International School and the pesky Gateway #1. They finished the day bruised but not beaten. The IICS #1 team took full advantage of a light pool, and breezed through all three games, outscoring opponents 18-0.

The second day proved to be an adrenaline rush for IICS #2, as they were able to win two games and finish in fifth place. Aryan and Yaman’s game winning goals in shootouts were thrilling and well deserved. The IICS #1 boys continued their dominance in the semifinals, but eventually fell the British International School in the championship game.