Our Early years team presented our parent community with information about the importance of developing early mathematical understandings to ensure future success in mathematics. 

With close to 40 participants between both our Hisar and Marmara campuses, this workshop is just one of many that will be provided to ensure parents are connected with the teaching and learning programs in the Early Years. These workshops also present another step in helping parents understand what their children are learning so that they can support them at home!

Participants were introduced to the importance of play as a fundamental instructional model of our program.

‘Play does not mean that anything goes and nor is play so tightly structured by adults that children are denied the opportunity to learn through their own initiative and exploration’. (IICS teachers)

At IICS you will see a continuum of learning to include a balance between classrooms rich in child-centred play and playful classrooms with focussed learning. The balance exists in different combinations throughout the Early Phase of Learning.

Alongside play you will also notice students engaging in learning through inquiry and being challenged to create meaning through provocations. Our parents were encouraged to engage in a range of different learning provocations, to identify the mathematical understandings proposed.

This task allowed our parents to understand our program further.  There are times during the school day when students are building on their understandings through trial and error, problem solving and inquiry. Teachers provide authentic, real life experiences and investigations relevant to their world. The role of the teacher is to support students to plan and identify the next steps in their learning.

Documentation also plays an important role in supporting students in reflecting on their learning.IMG_1859

Alongside these instructional models (play, inquiry and provocations) we also value the elements of both environment and relationships, contributing to the richness of our program. Students also have voice, choice and ownership in the planning.

Our Early Years team will celebrate the strands of our mathematics program through regular Seesaw posts. Stay connected!

Parents, here is a resource for you.