IICS alumni are spread across the globe but somehow they find a way to stay connected with their former school. Last week we were very happy to welcome two IICS 2016 graduates, Mir Ayman and Ares Zerunyan who came back to catch up with friends and teachers and take a look at the developments to the Marmara campus. We caught up with them to find out more about what they have been up to.IMG_0483

Mir Ayman had joined IICS with no English and with an educational background of rather traditional theoretical learning. Having come from a public school, he remembers his first days at IICS as a wonderful surprise, with lots of interactive and practical activities to deepen his understanding of the theories he had studied. His English reached near fluent level very quickly and he was able to be very successful at IBDP. Mir is now studying Chemical Engineering at Swansea University; inspired by his experiences with CAS he has also been teaching Russian and English in his free time. “The only thing was that the school was a bit far away from our house, it was a long trip everyday to the school and back, but if I was back in those days again, I’d do the same” he said.

Ares was a very active student at IICS, he was very involved in athletics (softball, football, basketball and cross country), always participated in school events and CEESA tournaments. He is now studying what he is passionate about, History at the University of Edinburgh and he is loving it. Besides his studies, he is co hosting one of the main shows of the school IICS alumniradio and he is working at the university’s janitorial services. Ares has a message for the IICS Community: “School’s the best time of your life to get as much experience as you can. Don’t leave the future for later.”

It was great to these two young graduates – affirming for their teachers to see them so confident and motivated – inspiring for our students to see how the hard work at DP level pays off and the future looks enjoyable and full of possibility.