Our Head of Science, Hina Hashmi, shares the success of some award winning students Lerin (Grade 6), Gonzalo (Grade 6) and Daniel (Grade 9). Well done to all of you, we are so proud!

Quantum mechanics, dark matter and black holes – IICS students following their passions for science!

CREST Award Lerin photoThree students successfully achieved their CREST awards from the British Science Association. The CREST Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people, providing science enrichment activities to inspire and engage 5-to-19-year olds. It is an internationally recognised accreditation scheme for project work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

The CREST programme gives students the chance to participate in hands-on science through investigations and enquiry-based learning. At IICS, it is run as part of the Science Club ASA this year. Students plan, carry out and present an investigation on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a mentor. As a consequence, CREST awards are well regarded, high quality and a tangible recognition of success.

CREST Award Gonzalo photoLerin dazzled his primary peers with an excellent animation explaining the intricacies of dark matter. Similarly, Gonzalo delivered a thoughtful and gripping lecture about Black Holes in a primary assembly. Both students were awarded their Bronze Award.

CREST Award DanielDaniel produced an excellent website that broke down the complexities of quantum mechanics in order to make it accessible for middle school students. He augmented his website with his own animations and drawings. His work can be seen here. The moderator feedback was enthusiastic about the quality of the project and as a result, Daniel was successfully awarded a Silver Award.

This year the Science Club hopes to encourage even more students to pursue success and we will hopefully have individuals aiming for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Hina Hashmi
Secondary Head of Science

CREST Award Lerin

Lerin presenting his personal project for the PYP exhibition.

Lerin was also able to pursue his love of science as part of the culminating project that students complete at the end of grade 6. By creating and selling various science themed items, including make-your-own-slime kits, Lerin raised over 3000 TL to purchase equipment for a local school. He also created lessons and engaging interactive activities to share his passion for science with others.

CREST Award Daniels Drawing

Daniel’s drawing of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, from his project website.