The Booster Club has had a busy and successful year, hosting 11 tournaments at the IICS Marmara Campus.

This translates into an impressive 132 volunteer hours!

Our dedicated Booster Club members are the hospitality committee for the visiting teams of the Istanbul School League (ISL), which in addition to our IICS teams include:  the British International School Istanbul, Gateway, MEF and Robert College.  Occasionally a team from Ankara has also participated.

In addition to staffing the food table, volunteers have made and donated countless trays of baked goods (brownies, cupcakes, cookies, muffins & more),  provided sushi, simit, popcorn, fruit, beverages, etc. all of which are sold at the Booster table during the tournaments.  The athletes and spectators are always happy to see us set up, either on the football pitch or in the exercise/dance room of the lower gym.

It is a pleasure to support our IICS Athletics & Activities, and the Booster Club looks forward to enlisting more volunteers to help us in the coming year!

Go Dolphins!