PTA/Board Cocktail

PTA/Board Cocktail

On Monday, May 22nd, we hosted our 1st PTA & Board Joint Cocktail as our  annual End of the Year celebration. This joint venture showed again the true and honest power of our IICS community. We were very happy to welcome so many parents, teachers, IICS staff, PTA and Board members at the stylish ‘The Long Bar’ at Raffles Hotel.
This year’s event exhibited just how amazing our IICS community can be!

Right from the start the atmosphere was cheerful with people in high spirits enjoying free drinks and delicious, finger food, trying to track down their favs whilst reviewing the craziness of last school year. The room was buzzing with great conversation and ideas about how to make our school community even better. Everyone excelled in social skills, had fun, some even danced, lots of laughing, meeting friends, making new friends, exchanged stories, told jokes. We all got the chance to take amazing pictures, make new memories, widen our network and some took the chance to say good-bye to the community!

Like all great events, it would not have been a success without some extra entertaining moments. The talented magician Doruk pulled off fantastic tricks to spark magic in the air and left quite some stunned guests behind: How, like how did he do that?????

Furthermore our spanish Maestro Mert enriched the evening with his passionate songs and guitar performance whilst mingling with the crowd.

Me, as PTA President Stefanie Saka welcomed all guests and thanked parents, faculty, PTA Ladies and IICS staff for their contributions to build and nurture the IICS community. Head of School Jane Thompson expressed her gratitude to PTA & Board members for their enthusiasm and the numerous engagement throughout the year helping IICS.

We also would like to extend a special thank you to Raffles Hotel for their very generous support making this evening such a success and unforgettable.

Additionally we like to mention that without Sezai Kara’s, IICS Graphic Designer, it would not at all have been the same. The posh logo backdrop helped a lot to collect amazing photos, he generously took without a break all evening long.

Besides all that the PTA&CAS Foundation displayed the successful realisation of their funded projects and those still in process. To be able to continue the same support next year we sold beautiful designed silver bracelets to almost every female guest this night and orders are still coming in. So far we raised TL5,600. The goal is TL 10,000!

To all our guests – thank you for coming. We enjoyed very much celebrating our IICS community with you. It was a splendid evening. Enjoy your summer and we can’t wait to share our spirit and love of our IICS Community next school year!

–Stefanie Saka, PTA President & Cocktail Organisator