Grades 4,5,6 and 9 were treated to an inspirational presentation by 24year old humanitarian Jordan Hattar.

Jordon’s remarkable journey has taken him from California to South Sudan, from college to the Syrian refugee camps, and from studying Genocide Intervention at the University of Cambridge to working in the White House under the Obama administration. Jordan brings a human touch to humanitarian efforts in the Syrian crisis and encouraged our students to fearlessly create their own path in life.

His message was one of hope, resilience and knowing the difference between sympathy and empathy. Jordan asked the refugees he has met two questions.

  1. What do you want the world to know? The answer was to tell the world what is happening in Syria, to share their human story. To tell the world that refugees are not terrorists, and that they want more than anything is to go home.
  2. What do you need most? They have requested razors, so that the men can shave and so not be misidentified as terrorists. They also requested better housing in the camps. Tents are the emergency shelter, but more sturdy structures protect them from the elements and disease.

Through his organisation   Jordan has raised money to purchase housing containers for the camps. The momentum has grown, and now over 20000 housing containers have been purchased. He also uses money raised to supply medical resources for those in need. His experience has shown him that courage and inspiration will always be more powerful than those that use weapons.

-Angela Steinmann

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Jordan shares his mission to help Syrian refugees.

Jordan shares his mission to help Syrian refugees.