On April 11th, Marmara Theatre hosted the brilliant Spring Arts Showcase with the contribution of over 100 students from secondary school.

Students performed songs like “Mission Impossible” as well as songs from the repertoires of Aşık Veysel, Santana, and Stevie Wonder.

Theatrical pieces such as “The Three Little Pigs” were not only performed but also directed by students.

The audience was delighted to see performances by IICS Orchestra, the Grade 7 & 8 Ensemble, the Grade 9 Ensemble, Grade 7 &8 Drama, Grade 9 Drama, Grade 10 Drama, Grade 11 Theatre, the Grade 10 Ensemble, the Jazz Ensemble, the DP Ensemble and Sam S. on guitar.

It was a remarkable show with outstanding student performances. Thank you to everyone who took part in it.