Recently, we had our first ever Robotics club classes —The Robo Codo Ninjas— for Primary students organized and conducted by Joey G., a student of Grade 6.

Joey counts himself lucky that he was introduced to Robotics at the young age of seven and was extremely proud of his first robot, which could move around and lift things. This early experience triggered an interest to make more robots and also allowed him to start coding. Today he codes on an Arduino, writes his own apps, and makes games on Scratch.

When Joey found out that there was a high school robotics club at IICS, he really wanted to join it too, but, unfortunately the club was only for older children. At first he was disappointed, since he had been doing robotics from a young age and sincerely believed that age wasn’t a barrier for this experience. But this triggered an idea!

Joey submitted an application to the PTA requesting a grant to start a robotics club for the primary children. That was the start of  The Robo-Codo-Ninjas. Right away it got a lot of interest: 10 children from Grades 4, 5 and 6 signed up.

The children showed great teamwork, time management skills, and creative thinking. After learning how to build a robot, the children were able to modify their machines and make new versions, too, so that they could make them ready for the finale.

The final competition was attended by many teachers including Ms. Thompson, Ms. Steinmann, Ms. Hoge, Mr. Rempel, and teachers of Grades 4 & 5. The children proudly showed their skills in a fun-filled contest. Each child was also also given completion certificates for successfully finishing Robo-Codo-Ninjas Level 1.

“I am proud that I took the initiative to start The Robo-Codo-Ninjas, as I believe that this skill should be learnt early. It was fun working with students from across primary and teaching them how to build robots,” Joey said.

Comments by students:
“Robotics is an amazing experience. You can learn a lot and it is really fun. You also make new friends, too.”
“At first I thought the teams were a bad selection, eventually we started to work together very well.”
“This experience is going to stay with me for a long time.”
“This club was amazing. I wish I could do more!”