The IICS Refugee Outreach Group organized an outstanding field day at Hisar campus for kids from the Ad.Dar Syrian community on 1 April. Led by their infallible Ms. Hashmi, the nine ROG students gave the twenty-five refugee children a chance to play around in the IICS Hisar Campus gardens; the concrete Taksim area where they live doesn’t provide them this luxury.

Rather than simply donating to Ad.Dar, the IICS students created a hands-on event, playing together with the refugee kids, which helped to break social and cultural barriers. Games of basketball and football were played with a lovely harmony of Syrian Arabic, Turkish, and English shouts. Ziplines, hula hoops, and jump ropes weren’t left alone for a moment.


IICS teachers responded to the request for event supervisors with such enthusiasm that the outreach group was forced to turn many teachers away. Of those teachers who attended, Mr. Brycen Davis got to show off his footballing talents while Mr. Jacob Ramirez created one-on-one half-court basketball challenges. Ms. Anna Ramirez lost a hard-fought hula hoop contest to a young Syrian girl.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Indomi noodle company, the IICS students cooked a fine meal, which was followed by delicious chocolate desserts. On the bus home, the refugee kids were singing and begging to come back soon. The outreach will definitely be organized again for a day next month!