What a great way to learn the culture as well as the language of the host country…by actually spending time with the Turkish children from the local public school!

Grade 3 students did exactly that and met twice with the Turkish Grade 3 students  from the Şair Nigar public school.

First they visited the Turkish local school. It was a great opportunity to practice speaking Turkish, make new friends, and get to see a typical Turkish public school. 

Our students prepared questions in Turkish and asked the Turkish kids the things that they wanted to know like
“What is your favorite football team?” or
“What is your favorite video game?” 

The Turkish students also prepared their questions and asked in English.  

There was an atmosphere of cooperation, enthusiasm, and respect.  One of our students, Yoonsung, said, “I loved it because I learned Turkish from Turkish kids! 

Anna said, “After a while I was able to smoothly ask my questions. it was such a good feeling!” 

Era said, “I found out that it wasn’t so hard to talk Turkish with the students.”

After this visit, our students wanted to invite the Turkish kids to Hisar to have them enjoy our playground. Grade 3 students wanted to have a fun game of football, do some arts and crafts activities, and listen to some music in the background while they all just had fun together

A total of 41 kids visited our campus on the 29th of March.

Our students were so excited… they all gave a welcoming “hoşgeldiniz in unison. Students were playing together, talking to each other and helping each other. 

At the end of the hour Naya said, “I was able to talk some Turkish!”

Olivia said, “We could see their reaction to our playground and they were so excited.”

Danis said, “They play good football.”

Yasemin said, “I made a friend from the last field trip and it was great to see her again.”

Overall it was an hour filled with authentic learning which benefited both groups.  Grade 3 students said, “Görüşürüz” to the Turkish kids and afterwards they couldn’t stop chanting, “We want to do this again!”

–Canan Ozgun, Primary Turkish Teacher