Cold and shivery with a pleasant end it is how you could describe the ISL MS Basketball tournaments. One week before the break and after weeks of hard training, the ISL tournament was ready to start for Middle School Boys and Girls. For our IICS teams it was the last moment of real competition before they would leave for the CEESA tournaments. Winter cold was still prevalent, especially in the lower gym but this only made the teams work twice as hard. As a result, we had a chance to witness some fantastic and exciting matches. In the end all teams can look back on a successful tournament. Everyone made great steps forward during the games and it was great to see everyone improve as individual players and as teams.

The MS tournament started with the boys on Wednesday, February 15th, 10:00am. After a short delay and with some sleepy eyes, the tournament started. It was show time from the get go. In the lower gym IICS 1 showed their intentions from the start. They wanted to win the ISL MS Boys’ Basketball Tournament 2017. It was an easy win 55-4 against BISI 2.

In the upper gym, the first match of the day turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the tournament. Even though the IICS 2 team was placed into a very competitive group, the boys showed great effort. This year the opponents were very challenging, but we managed to score some great points. Although we could not finish the games in our advantage, nevertheless we can guarantee that if our guys keep working on developing their skills, they will come out much stronger next year.

After a tight qualifying round of the tournament, the teams seemed to be very evenly matched so everyone was excited to see the decisive matches. The game for the 5th place was played between our IICS 2 Dolphins and BISI 2. After 32 minutes, BISI 2 ended up on top with the result 33 to 24 in their favor. The 3rd place trophy was awarded to BISI 1 after an exciting game against MEF. The game ended in a 2 points win for BISI 1, 28 to 26.

The champions of 2017 ISL MS Boys’ basketball tournament was decided in a game between our own Dolphin IICS 1 versus IGA. From the beginning, the Dolphins showed their intention to win the trophy. It is not easy to maintain your number one position throughout the whole tournament. Our boys stayed focused and lifted the trophy in the end, after winning 40 to 30. IGA was honored with the 2nd place. 

The second day of ISL MS Basketball was focused on the MS Girls. All schools who participated in the MS Boys’ tournament were involved in the MS Girls’ tournament as well. In the first game, IICS 1 showed a high skill level. The difference between the level of playing between IICS 1 and BISI 2 was a little much to make it an exciting game, but BISI 2 managed to make a nice comeback and the game finished with only a 9 point difference.

IICS 2 followed the lead of IICS 1 by winning their first game as well. They came out very strong and showed that they had some good skills. However, in their second game against BISI 1, they learned that there is still a lot to improve. BISI 1 was stronger and showed great skill level. They were very precise with their shooting, which made all the difference. With one win and one loss, IICS 2 was scheduled to play for the 3rd place.

Both IICS 1 and MEF played each other in their second game of the tournament. The team who would win this match qualify themselves for the final game. In a very tight and equal battle, IICS 1 finally won with a score of 19 to 17.

The bronze medal game was played between MEF and IICS 2. MEF had a second chance to prove themselves against one of the home teams after a loss against IICS 1. The game was as exciting and again our Dolphin girls showed that they could stay calm under pressure. The game ended with one point lead for IICS 2, who won by a score of 13 to 12.

The final game of the ISL MS Basketball tournament was ready to start. The atmosphere was great; fans from all different age groups had united together and everybody was ready for the last show of this amazing, two-day tournament. BISI took an early lead even though IICS 1 tried to come back. BISI was focused, determined, and shooting with a high precision. After the buzzer, the scoreboard told the story of a 30 to 12 victory for BISI. With this victory BISI was awarded the gold medal for the 2017 ISL MS Girls’ Basketball Tournament. IICS should be proud to have collected silver and bronze. They know that they cannot take anything for granted. It was nice to have some good competition before the CEESA tournament, where it definitively will be more challenging.

All IICS Boys’ and Girls’ Teams showed they are talented and that they can play good basketball. The most important factor for them to remember is that they can only win games when they work as team. If they are willing to give that extra meter for their teammates and know that they can only succeed as a team, then we believe that both CEESA tournaments can be an amazing experience with some great games.

Good luck to both teams. Show them why we are proud to be Dolphins!

Julius Goedhart, Athletics & Activities Intern