We live in a world where some problems could easily be fixed via technology. Recently Grade 9 students were asked to put their tech knowledge to use to create a tech-driven solution that addresses a problem they identify. Students were asked to either code a new app, use our 3D printer to create a solution, to create a game, etc. Here are some of the results:

Arin: I want to create an app which allows people to make home cooked meals and deliver it to the consumer’s door. An app like this will provide numerous people with a part (or full) time job and steady income. This app is a marketplace where people who provide food services will meet with people who want to buy their home cooked meals. It allows people to eat what they want, where they want, conveniently and healthily.

Alexia: I have decided to produce and app for the IICS community. The cooks will upload daily images of the food, and students and staff will be able to comment and rate the plate. This will show the cooks our opinions. This will make our lives much more enjoyable at school.


Jacob: I will be designing an app that allows elders to practice skills that are necessary in the use of modern technology. The application will provide tutorials on things such as the use of the touch screen and typing, and then allow the user to practice these skills at varying levels of difficulty.

Deni: I have decided to create an app that will solve the issue of the older generations not being up-to-date with the current technological society. Many of them are struggling to understand and use technology properly. Therefore, such an app would be useful to help people who need help in changing simple settings, sending emails, adding contacts, etc. for people new to the iPhone or who need help with the settings. This app could also be extended to help older generations learn how to make basic interactions with the touch screen such as swiping, typing, and even the uses of the home button.

Mihai: I decide to create an App which is basically the mobile version of the website ManageBac. My app will be similar to the existing ManageBac app, but it will be way better because it will have more features than the current ManageBac app offers,  and it will work better with students. For example the current MB app is missing a couple key features: the ability to check your grade, the ability to send notifications to students about upcoming homework assignments, and the ability to communicate with the teacher, in case you are having any problems with your assignment. My app will impact globally and locally, because it will impact my IICS community, since our school uses the IB ManageBac program, and any other IB school which uses ManageBac. My final product will also have a way simpler UI in order to make the app simple and easy to use.

Hyunwoo: My product will be an app as a travel guide for all UN-recognised countries. It will include general information on the country as well as traveling aspects such as location hotspots and foods. My product will solve the issue of people facing problems while traveling due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge regarding the travel aspects.

Khaled: I chose to create an app which tests the user’s reflexes in different ways for example, tapping, swiping, writing, reading, thinking, and so forth. I believe this app will solve a global problem because it will aid people in the future if their job requires good reflexes. 

Kangrok: I chose to create a language application tool that helps me learn English.