The MYP Visual Arts Winter Exhibition celebrates the work of our Grade 7-10 Media and Visual Art students. Students have developed skills in drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and film to produce personally driven pieces. We hope you enjoy the wonderful work produced by our creative MYP students!

Middle School Visual Arts
Students explored the theme of Art & Innovation. In our first unit: When Science Met Art, students focused on the art of the Renaissance as a starting place for exploring European art history and practice. While studying the Renaissance, students developed drawing and printmaking skills. Students learned about the technological and scientific innovations that arose during the Renaissance and their influence on visual art. Students created Fantastic Rooms using linear perspective. 

They also explored print-making as an important technological innovation through their linocut edition.

High School Visual Arts 1
Students started the semester with The Artist as subject unit. Students explored the strategies employed by artists to communicate aspects of their identity. Students created large scale charcoal self-portraits that utilized angles, foreshortening, value, and composition to explore identity.

High School Visual Art II
The Body Abstracted unit gave students the chance to explore the human figure as a reoccurring subject in art. Students studied the history of the first abstraction in Western Art, Cubism, and how it is that in order to innovate, you might have to break some rules. Students learned how Cubism is a way of representing reality. The depiction of the human figure changed radically within the 20th Century. Students produced a series of figure drawings exploring the figure and proportion before embarking on sculpture.

 Students transferred their understanding of Cubism and the figure from two dimensional drawings to a three dimensional figurative planar sculpture.


Media & Film 1
Media and Film 1 classes focused on student understanding and application of the elements of film language such as narrative, mise-en-scene, camera work, and editing. Continuity and classical norms of editing were the focus of film analysis and the Eccentric Porthole assignment which required students to use doors, windows and an eccentric porthole in editing, to create a constructed film reality. Students came to understand that film art constructs a diegetic (film world) creative structure of diegetic space and time that offers the art student myriad creative possibilities. Editing concepts covered included use of an establishing shot, shot/reverse shot, 180º rule, crosscutting, match on action, and eye-line match.

Middle School Media
This year’s Media course started with Street Photography unit. During the course of several months’ students of grade 7 and 8 were learning hard how to use the cameras and adjust the settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO). We also learnt the basics – design elements that in combination create great composition of the image. We explored the following elements – color, shape, texture, patterns, lines, forms. And then we continued with the compositional rules and practicing those skills all around our school. Students couldn’t wait to apply their knowledge in an unknown environment and hard conditions of the real street setting. So we went on a field trip to the nearby area called Buyukcekmece. The final project was to show the life of Buyukcekmece the way they saw it, then select ten best images and write the artist’s statement in the front foyer exhibit.